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Nepal has a agriculture based economy and most of the the people living in rural areas depend on agriculture for their livelihood. But the agricultural system they follow does not provide them with enough food even to feed their own family all around the year. Nepal has been in agriculture ever since the beginning of the civilization but still now it is among one of the countries getting the lowest yield in all kind of economically important crops. Here a big question arises why we are far behind the other countries in terms of production eventhough we have got the best suitable climate and soil for growing any type of crop from place to place. varying topography of Nepal provides it with various pocket areas for several crops where we can get bumper production with minimum input. But we are still in the lowest level of production.There may be several reasons for getting low yield in Nepal but insted of looking at the problems and just doing nothing  rather we should see what we can do, how we can develop new ideas to increase the production of our country. Technology is growing day by day and even our farmers are smart enough to adapt to the new technologies. For eg now a days we can see mobile in the hand of each and every farmer. But the major problem is that there is no coordiantion between the growing technology and agriculture in our country. So why not make use of these gadgets used by our farmers such as mobile, radio etc. to give latest knowledge  about various innovations in the field of Agriculture like what type of crops they should grow, weather conditions, subsidy provided by the government, market rates etc. so that our farmers dont feel ignored and they take it as a pride to be farmers feeding the world.